Circa 1950

Iltaco Foods-Chicago Avenue Pizza is a family run frozen food manufacturing company in Chicago, Illinois,  Our success through the years has come from four generations of family and hard work from our support staff.

Established in 1927, originally named (IL) linois (TA) male (CO) mpany, was known for making the most delicious tamales in the frozen food business.  Condiments and hot tamales were supplied to the old push cart vendors in the financial district of Chicago as well as throughout the city.  Iltaco Foods tried their luck at manufacturing other products like chili, tacos, and Italian beef and eventually introduced the one and only "Original" Pizza Puff.  Initially, the product was distributed throughout the Chicagoland and Midwest.

Besides puffs, tamales and burritos, our "I Can't Believe It's Frozen" pizza, under the label Chicago Avenue Pizza was created.  Another big item is our "Big Pizza".  A 3 lb. self rise pizza that is sold in both the frozen and deli retail departments.  Also a big seller in the Pizza By the Slice Pizza Program.  One of the very best sellers is our Big Breakfast Pizza.

As with the Iltaco brand items, Chicago Avenue Pizza uses only quality ingredients to satisfy the pickiest of taste buds.  In addition, we guarantee that all ingredients used for the manufacturing of Iltaco and Chicago Avenue Pizza brand food items are produced in the United States of America.

We currently service roughly 38 states with help from our partners, brokers and distributors.